Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, we decided to get our art on!  Thanks to inspiration from Crafty Morning (and leftover shaving cream from this year’s marbled Easter egg dying), we set out to make these beautiful shaving cream models of Earth.

We started by filling a paper plate with mounds of shaving cream.  Then we gently swirled blue and green paint through the shaving cream to create a beautiful marbled effect.

IMG_4494When we had achieved a color blend that we liked, we took a smaller paper plate and dipped it into the colored cream.  The effect was truly beautiful!

IMG_4507My crafty kids were having so much fun that they decided to keep going.  After creating the Earth, three of them decided to makes suns as well.  The red and yellow paints made their own stunning color combinations.

IMG_4493And in the end, we ended up with all these beautiful creations!

IMG_4515Later dabblings also created Mars and Saturn, but we didn’t manage to photograph these.

Messy art is always a reason to celebrate here.  And, if you were looking for any other reason to celebrate on April 22nd, it was also Jelly Bean Day.  We didn’t do a whole lot in the way of celebrating there.  I was imagining making pictures, exploring jelly bean artwork, and videos of the Jelly Belly factory.  We did eat some yummy beans, though.  And, I suppose there’s always next year.  ….  Or next week.  Frankly, any day’s a good day for jelly beans, if you ask me!



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