Garlic Day

We all have colds here.  So, frankly celebrating really wasn’t at the top of my list of things to do yesterday.  But, hey, we’re just starting out on this venture, and to back out this early in the game seemed a lot like failure.  Luckily for me, yesterday was Garlic Day!

IMG_4411This little mound of roasted yumminess was exactly what my stuffed-up nose was needing.  I found this delicious recipe for Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower Soup, and wow, did it hit the spot!

I left off the bacon garnish, since I didn’t have any pre-cooked bacon, and that seemed like entirely too much trouble for a sick day.  But, the kids and I found the soup delicious as is.  Hooray for garlic!

IMG_4412One of my girls is not a fan of soups… in any form.  But she still managed to celebrate Garlic Day with us; we found a package of these hanging out in the freezer:

IMG_4413Otherwise, a meal that four of my kids all enjoyed?  And delicious garlic to perk up from a cold?  Yeah, those are both reasons to celebrate!


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