After letting my son fill our calendar with celebrations of his choosing, we found that yesterday was DNA Day.  How exactly does one celebrate DNA Day?  By turning to Pinterest, of course!

In honor of DNA Day, and in the spirit of learning all the time, we began the day watching a couple videos about DNA.  BrainPop is always one of our go-to sources.  We coupled this with a musical YouTube video, and I figured we had our bases covered.

Next, we found this great lab for creating an edible DNA sequence.  We had to make a special trip to the store for Twizzlers and marshmallows (because with five kids, such things don’t last long in our house!)  We read through a basic explanation of DNA, and then my son and daughter had fun constructing these creations.

IMG_4367 IMG_4360

Are we now experts on DNA?  Of course not.  But our curiosity has been piqued.  We learned about the double helix and how the four bases pair up.  And odds are, DNA will always have yummy associations for my kids.

Learning science with food?  Now that’s a reason to celebrate!


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