What to celebrate?

birthday-cake-380178_1280We are excited to begin our year of deliberate celebrations!  My son and I have spent much of the last two days filling our calendar with holidays and reasons to celebrate.  As we brainstormed this blog, I envisioned filling our calendar pages with holidays and festivals from other cultures and religions.  And then we added Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you, and all….)  And then there was the suggestion of Popcorn Day.  (I’m not even sure where that one came from!)  At first I said “no–that’s not a real holiday.”  But then, if my son wants to celebrate it, who am I to really say no?  I mean how hard is it to pop a bag of popcorn after all?

This all got me thinking.  What makes a holiday anyway?  What is worthy of celebrating?  We celebrate our baby’s first tooth, our child’s first bike ride, a good day at the office for my husband, and sometimes even a good night’s sleep for me.

In a family of seven, we often joke that everyday is party!  As we fill our calendar, we are finding that we’re not the only ones who think this way.  According to this website, nearly everyday has an “official” holiday, and often two or three.  (Today is High-Five Day, y’all.)  And we also soon learned that everyday is a food holiday.  I know; who knew?  (It’s National Eggs Benedict Day, if you’re keeping track.)

So what are we choosing to celebrate?  Well, so far we’re choosing things that speak to us.  We want to learn and experience other cultures, history, and religions.  But, hey, why not just have a little fun for fun’s sake, too?  We’ve got Earth Day coming up next week.  There’s a lot of awesome things we can do to celebrate the earth and our environment.  But we’ve also got Blueberry Pie Day and Oatmeal Cookie Day on the horizon.  Those sound pretty good to me too!

So, let’s celebrate!  (And don’t forget to give someone a high-five while you’re at it!)


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